Stowarzyszenie Etiopsko-Polskie “SELAM” Ethiopian-Polish Association “SELAM” is legally court registered association in Poland which represents Ethiopians living in Poland, Polish citizens of Ethiopian origin and Polish citizens who declared membership.
The activities of the assosciation are to :

  • promote social scientific, clutural and sports activities of the two countries,
  • provide members legal help in their private and professional life problems everywhere needed,
  • organize and perform different legally accepted meetings and conferences which could help to undertake the aforemementioned activities,
  • run economic activities which raise fund for its activity and possible aid.

The association hereby thanks all contacted offices for their kind and motivating statementrs directed to its office expressing full support and willing to cooperate.

The association invites companies and individuals who would like to work with Ethiopian companies or aim to invest in Ethiopia to contact us directly. The association hereby declares to activate business contact between the two countries.
We can also organize business meetings and travels to Ethiopia assuring translators among our members.
We can also organize a tourist trip to Ethiopia for visitors and hunters. As a free social organization the association closely works with the Ethiopian Embassy in Berlin.