selam stowarzyszenie etiopsko polskie
selam stowarzyszenie etiopsko polskie

The consecutive good gesture of friendship between Poland and Ethiopia

Different opinions are presented about the internal conflict/civil war in Ethiopia. The party which ruled for 27 years has lost trust of the people and lost the election. Due to this it tried many ways to come back to power. Some of its methods lead to arm conflict with the government troops which caused death and serious injuries of soldiers and civilians.

This sad situation in Ethiopia brought lots of pitty feelings to lots of peace loving people. Among these are medical specialists from different hospitals in Kujawsko-Pomorski voivodship in North Poland organized by d/r Bizuayehu Tegene, member of the Ethiopian-Polish Association „Selam”. They are: three anaesthetists; two neurosurgeons; a sugeon; an orthopaedist; an optician and four nurses of the above mentioned medical specializations. These specialists go and perform the planned medical help and training on their own cost.

This is a consecutive human help from the Polish citizens of Good Will. It shows how Polish people are sensitive to other people’s harm and ready to help. For years the charity act „Eyes of Ethiopia” lead by Stanislaw Kotlarczyk is sponsored by Polish citizens of Good Will. Thanks of thess donations, more than 3000 blind Ethiopians live seeing their family and live normally. The same way our association finances young girls to have regular dialysis thanks of such people.

Many young Ethiopians run away from their country due to the current situation in the country. Our association is doing its best to help them find their chances of life in Poland.