2930 Blind Ethiopians came out of darkness and see their family members and the world they live in.

Not praised and real human charity action by our Good Will friends has caused 2930 people to come out of darkness they lived in. This Holy charity activity, patronized by The Ethiopian-Polish Association „SELAM” of Poland, has been performed by the group members private fund and by donation of few „Good Will” citizens. The group has travelled 11 times to Ethiopia and did these free eye operations. The amount of operated people would have been more if the fund hasn’t been limited. So far more than 1500 eyeglasses and needed medicine has been given free and children were examened and were awarded school stationaries. The group members decided to permanently help about 20 families who can not afford to send their children to school. The charity action has begun when Stanislaw Kotlarczyk, our friend and the Group Leader, who visited Ethiopia, saw a blind woman who was lead by her small son. Stasiu, emotionally touched, decided to help her and paid her flight to the capital and hospital for operation. He found out that such people who can not afford for operation and live in darkness were more. Look Stasiu, look what you have done !! Thank you very much ! What would one give to come out of darkness, see his family and his children ! God bless those who can not afford to pass by people in trouble.   Read more at  www.oczyetiopii.pl