Thank you

Ethiopian friends from Poland,
We have earlier informed about the charity will Polish doctors and nurses showed going to Ethiopia to give a free medical help for victims of ethnical war in Ethiopia. Our association helped the group in gathering important and needed medical stuff for their plan. We would like to thank the Ethiopian hospital staff for their friendly welcome and help they offered them. Here is what the group reported about the treatments they conducted during they stay in Ethiopia in February this year:

10 Neurological
24 Orthopedical
8 Surgical
59 Eye surgery (“Ethiopian eyes”)

This is to show how friendly nations could try to help even though it is not enough. We trust such charity action will continue between the two countries.
Again, thank you very much.

selam stowarzyszenie etiopsko polskie
selam stowarzyszenie etiopsko polskie

The consecutive good gesture of friendship between Poland and Ethiopia

Different opinions are presented about the internal conflict/civil war in Ethiopia. The party which ruled for 27 years has lost trust of the people and lost the election. Due to this it tried many ways to come back to power. Some of its methods lead to arm conflict with the government troops which caused death and serious injuries of soldiers and civilians.

This sad situation in Ethiopia brought lots of pitty feelings to lots of peace loving people. Among these are medical specialists from different hospitals in Kujawsko-Pomorski voivodship in North Poland organized by d/r Bizuayehu Tegene, member of the Ethiopian-Polish Association „Selam”. They are: three anaesthetists; two neurosurgeons; a sugeon; an orthopaedist; an optician and four nurses of the above mentioned medical specializations. These specialists go and perform the planned medical help and training on their own cost.

This is a consecutive human help from the Polish citizens of Good Will. It shows how Polish people are sensitive to other people’s harm and ready to help. For years the charity act „Eyes of Ethiopia” lead by Stanislaw Kotlarczyk is sponsored by Polish citizens of Good Will. Thanks of thess donations, more than 3000 blind Ethiopians live seeing their family and live normally. The same way our association finances young girls to have regular dialysis thanks of such people.

Many young Ethiopians run away from their country due to the current situation in the country. Our association is doing its best to help them find their chances of life in Poland.





The last parlament election has shown us that democracy had been well understood by the Ethiopian people. As normal democratic system political parties present their development program and ask the people to elect them to rule the country. What happened in Ethiopia after the election was hard to define. The former ruling party instead of standing for the election by the whole country, it declared war to the government. This lead to killing, brutal rape, mass killing and robbing which forced the national military to stand for war. The effect was several Ethiopian men; women and children were massacred and wounded.

Our Ethiopian-Polish Association „Selam” in Poland declared to stand besides the whole nation and organize help. Due to this dr Bizuayeh Tegene, member of the association has organized a medical team which will go to Ethiopia and give necessary medical help in the coming February 2022. The members thank these members of the medical team.

Exemplary Election in Ethiopia

It is a good reason to be proud of the last election to the parlament in Ethiopia. It is an exemplary proof of the goverment’s respect to the people. Ethiopian people showed their right to decide about themselves and elected/hired their representatives to rule the country. They are also ready to keep this freedom to continue. God bless Ethiopia and its transparent leaders.

The election 2021

It is fact that a democratic election has been performed in Ethiopia as the government says. We take this information as FACT and would like to congratulate the government. God Bless democracy in Ethiopia and let the people be concious that electing(free, without any pressure) their representative to the parlament they are hiring Ethiopians to serve them. If they fail to do so they may lose this post on the next election.

A new chance for Ethiopian People

It is the time when Ethiopian People make the right decision as to their future prosperity by electing the true Ethiopian lover citizens to the parlament.  It is easy to campaign with super promises but hard to conduct the promises into practice. God bless Ethiopian people !

Selam donated to covid victims 2020




In the name of the Missionary sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, I extend a heartfelt gratitude to the Ethio-Polish Association- SELAM for the financial support received. The funds received were divided to three communities where the sisters are working, mainly Alemtena, Waragu and Chole. Each community selected beneficiaries who were in need of help, and food and hygiene materials were distributed to them.

Here below each community gives a short account of their intervention, followed by the financial report.

Waragu community

The people who are most affected here in Waragu are the daily workers, farmers, petty traders and the elderly whose life mostly depends on the mercy of others. They earn their living on daily basis. In Waragu village the people depend mostly on traditional agriculture for their livelihood. The area is very fertile but drastic changes of weather and persisting drought do not allow them to harvest a good return. Therefore people in this area remain poor.

With the financial support received from the ETHIO – POLISH ASSOCIATION – SELAM, we were able to give food support to 80 families, with 1- to 9 children per household. Each of these families received – Teff, Corn, beans powder/Shiro, oil and soap for personal hygiene.

The beneficiaries were chosen with the help of the local administration. The beneficiaries were from the five nearby villages. Namely: Waragu, Derole, Haro, Kela and Ibdo .

In order to support the petty traders, the food stuff was purchased from the local market. The beneficiaries and people were extremely grateful to the benefactor, the Ethio-Polish association SELAM, for the great help rendered to the people during this pandemic. May God bless your generosity.

Alemtena Community

COVID-19 has made the humanity all over feel helpless. In this time of struggle and cry of the poor, God sends His messengers through various ways to uplift the poor and the hungry by their generosity and compassion towards the people. As people in Ethiopia were getting ready to celebrate their New Year on September 11, 2020 (Meskerem 01, 2013), we have received the good news that Ethio – Polish association SELAM was extending a generous donation to help the poor in our area.

With the amount given to our community, we budgeted to provide food stuff for 100 families and to make four pedal wash stands for the hand washing for everyone who enters the compound. In the town of Alemtena there were University students who had volunteered for social service during this time of COVID-19 lock down. Twelve students visited the poor families and brought the list of the deserving families to us. We had also included the families of orphans and vulnerable children studying in our school in Alemtena.

They were called in three different groups and following items were distributed: Teff, rice, Shiro, Chili powder, salt, oil and soap for their hygienic needs.

As the Alemtena Catholic Church Clinic continued to reach out to the patients during the pandemic, three medical staff members tested positive with COVID. All staff of the clinic, including the sisters community and some teachers who were in contact with the people infected were ordered to go into quarantine. Since they had no possibility to isolate themselves at home, the quarantine was arranged in the mission compound itself. Medication of the staff members and providing food for all those in quarantine were also part of the donation expense.

The beneficiaries were explained about the donor, the SELAM Association. And they were given education on COVID-19, how to protect themselves and others, and how they were to increase their immunity. The people thanked the SELAM Association for their generosity and compassion.

We, the Alemtena community of sisters, express our sincere thanks to ETHIO- POLISH Association SELAM for giving us the opportunity to reach out to our people with the support they needed during this difficult time.

May God bless you and protect you.

Chole Community

COVID 19 has affected economically very much our people here in Chole, a small town around 225 km from Addis Ababa. Everyone around is affected in one or the other way by this pandemic. But the people who are most affected by it are daily workers, who earn their income with daily labor like the ones working in hotels, the youth and children who are doing shoe polishing, domestic workers and the elderly who are living at the mercy of others.

Chole town harbors around 30,000 people and with the financial support that we have received from you, we were able to give food support to 75 registered families, with 1- to 7 children per household.

Each of these families received – Teff (local grain to prepare the staple food of Ethiopia), oil, wheat flour, Shiro ( Flour made out of beans) and salt.

The animators delivered the food stuff at home to those who were not able to come to the compound. Prior to the distribution, we discussed the matter with the district administrator, they were grateful that we could extend our helping hand towards the most vulnerable people who are the victims of COVID 19.

The district administrator and the staff helped us in choosing the beneficiaries; the staff of the Family development project (run by the sisters) visited the houses of these beneficiaries to assess the condition in which they are living and to see how this pandemic has really affected them.

In order to alleviate at least little bit of their hunger we bought food stuff which was distributed to these beneficiaries in the presence of the District administrator Kanjawe Danja, his assistant Joseph Tola, Representative from women and youth office Mr. Nowai Zaid and the chair person of social emergency department Miss. Membere Meseret. The beneficiaries and the government officials were extremely grateful to the Sisters who with the support of the Ethiop-Polish Association Selam extended help to the people during this pandemic.

We, the sisters working in Chole, express our gratitude to all who have contributed to this act of reaching out beyond boarders to those in need. God bless you all…

We, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, extend our heart gratitude to you, Ethio-Polish Association-SELEM for your generous sharing of your finance with the people of Ethiopia. Thank you very much. God bless each one of you.

The next horrid leader

The late shameful news about the president of The USA, Donald Trump, shocked not only the Ethiopians but also the people of peace loving. How come a president of the so called „Super Power” provoke war between two independent countries ? What may be the reason that Trump supports Egypt and propose to bombard the Ethiopian Dam. Is it because of lack of knowledge how a leader of a nation should talk to other nations ? May he doesn’t have any idea that The Blue Nile still continues flowing through Sudan and Egypt ? This war proposition may change the world peace, is he aware of that danger ? What would the american people say about the upcoming presidential election ? May that be a sabotage to make him lose the election by some people ?

Ethiopian Week in Elementary School No 114 in Cracow Poland

This event is a series of events about different countries which were in interest of Mr Arkady Fiedler, a known voyager who travelled around the world and brought to our knowledge interesting facts on these countries. RESPECT. His grandson continued his mission and travelled through Ethiopia and Kenya driving a baby Fiat (incredible experience) presenting us unknown facts:  This year the school took decision to bring Ethiopia close to our interest and our organization is one of the organizers patronised by the Ethiopian Honorary Councel of Ethiopia dr Roman Rojek.

Mrs Bozena Mikos is opening the Ethiopian Week Event